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Contact us and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

a. Will I be able to contact you if I’m having problems?  How?

Yes, please contact us in the form below with any questions.   Questions about the material, about teaching or if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

b. Will it work on my computer?

Yes, this book works on every computer.

c. How do I download?

After your purchase, you will receive a download code in your e-mail, just click on it and the download will start. Be careful with MAC users.  Do ‘not’ try to download in “Preview” mode as the download will look garbled. Either copy and paste the link in a new browser, or right click on link and open with Adobe Acrobat reader, not the preview default mode. For more information about purchasing and downloading, please list the Purchasing section of our website.

d. How do I copy the Audio to CD or mp3 type device?

Just plug your device to your computer and transfer the files directly to it, some devices like Ipod need to sync with a specific software like Itunes, just follow the instructions that come with your mp3 player. You can burn a CD with any burning software, just select if you need tracks or mp3.

e. Should I print out the whole curriculum?

It’s not necessary to print out the whole curriculum, but if you prefer working from a printed page, it is recommended to print out one to three chapters to be able to plan ahead and to see ‘at a glance’ what comes next.

f. What is your Return Policy?

You may return the Homeschool Spanish material within three weeks from shipping date for a full refund of the price of the item if we receive the item back in a sellable as new condition. You may mail it to Homeschool Spanish/ Attn:  Karyn Williamson-Coria / 7007  Chapparall Lane / Charlotte NC  28215.  Before you place your return in a box / envelope, make sure you do not use the book or CDs, write in the book or on the cover, or break the binding and crease the book as it will no longer look new and we will not be able to resell it. The CDs must contain no scratches, smudges or cracks.  Place your shipping slip in the box/envelope.  Please pack your book well before sending to avoid damaging in the shipping.  Please do not use newspapers as packing material as the ink can stain the book.  Please insure the package when mailing.  We are not able to accept returns with the digital purchase. However, we sometimes make exceptions in exceptional cases.  Please use our contact form to contact us.

g. What age is this curriculum geared towards?

The curriculum is mostly geared towards elementary and middle school aged children.  The IDEA section will accommodate the younger as well as the older aged children with a wide variety of suggestions.  The older elementary and middle school aged child may find that the workbook exercises are more geared to him/her, especially if the younger aged child is not yet proficient in writing and reading. However, if you have a family of siblings using the material, the high school aged children will also benefit if they join in.  The Daily Curriculum guide gives a wide variety of suggestions for speaking, reading and writing practice for many different ages.  The high school aged child may benefit from extra practice with a tutor at this time.  We hope to upgrade our product in the future for the older students. For more information about the curriculum, please visit the About section of our website.

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