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Free Resources for Learning Online!

Each child will like different aspects of learning a language. Some kids will really enjoy the culture days. It’s so important to give your child a bigger picture of the world and a bigger picture of just why they are learning a foreign language. Take advantage of the wealth of information on the web. We’ve found a few sites to get you started. Why don’t you pick and choose which type of site fits your child best? Which theme suits your learner?

Our list is DEFINITELY not exhaustive, so please feel free to keep searching for other sites that interest you!  There are so many enthusiastic language teachers out there who all have wonderful and useful sites online!  Your homeschool is all about YOU and YOUR FAMILY, so take advantage of the wealth of information out there.  Don’t even get me started on Pinterest!!!  A quick search with “Spanish”, or “Teaching Spanish”, or “Learning Spanish” will brig up thousands of options such as cooking, printouts, posters, music, teaching aids, learning aids, and it will introduce you to some pretty awesome bloggers who are dedicated to teaching Spanish and spreading bilingualism!

Keep it fun! Throw in some fun puzzles, quizzes, music, cooking, stories, or map work.

Why don’t you take one day a week for short cultural and/or online activities. If you would like to have your child do more, try doing a puzzle or quiz for the second time that week. If your child really likes this part of learning a language, do more cultural readings / online activities per week.

Please review all sites before letting your children use them as it is up to your discretion what is appropriate for your own child.


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