Aztec History & Culture

Ancient History

Ruines of Chizen Itza

Chizen Itza, Mexico

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Aztec history for kids.  Short and to the point paragraphs about Aztec life.  The site can have some distracting ads.

Mural of Aztec Indians in Mexico

Mural in Puebla, Mexico

 Click on this site if you would like to know what day it is in the Aztec calendar and what this means. The site also teaches about the different Aztec Gods.

History of the Aztec civilization broken into themes.  Wordy.  However, it could spark interest and trigger more research on the part of your student.

statue of Quetzalcoatl

Quetzalcoatl, Mexico

“What the Ancients Did For Us” Aztec, Maya, Inca

Wonderful documentary series about certain aspects of Aztec and Maya civilization. I liked this one because it is viewed from how various places look today without having people dress up to look like Aztecs or Mayans.  This “What the Ancients Did For Us” series has four parts at about 15 minutes each.  Part I — some history about Maya and the Aztec culture touching on their farming methods on the water, and their calendar year.  Part II — some of the products that are used to this day that come from this part of the world, like rubber and medicinal plants from the jungle.  Part III — some Inca history and culture and some of their contributions such as gold and stone carving.  Part IV — contributions of the Inca such as their amazing suspension bridges as well as their system for counting.

BBC documentary of Aztec Civilization.  For a more mature audience. There are some shocking descriptions and partial scenes of sacrifice.  However, the documentary is very informative.  But, as always, please use your own discretion as to whether it’s for your family.

 Aztec, Maya and Inca history. For kids!

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