¡Hermoso! Beautiful!

I recommend the “Todos los animales” page that lists the animals A – Z.  Challenge yourself in Spanish!

Also, the You Tube button has a ton of videos. You can hear people talking as they take their videos, so it’s a good workout in Spanish!

Click on the “Niños” button for kids nd you’ll find kids activities.

What animals live in South America?  This page lists some of the most iconic animals.  Nice pictures.  You never know when something might tickle your fancy!  I knew a child once who was seriously interested in the naked mole rat for over a year! and developed quite a knowledge database about everything surrounding this animal!!

More animals here too!


¡El ocelote!

Extensive alphabetical list of animals in Costa Rica and surrounding areas.

 Different animals found in Mexico and surrounding areas.

Highlights a few animals of the Caribbean.

 A few articles featuring some animals found in Spain.

jumping spider

¿linda? o ¿fea? cute? or ugly?

Click on “Planeta Zoo”, then “Zoo TV”  there are some nice short videos on different animals.  The ones I saw didn’t have any audio other than music, but there is sometimes a little caption to figure out in Spanish.  If you hear some audio, see if you can hear the difference between Latin American Spanish and Castilian Spanish!

Click on “En el zoo”, then “continentes”.  For Spain, choose “Europa”.  There are other continents or areas to choose from too.  Challenge yourself or your children to understand some of the articles.  These would be for more mature learners.

 This page would be good for a lesson plan on many types of themes too!  What are the hours of the zoo? do they offer workshops? Talks?, etc.  Perusing a site in a foreign language can teach a learn a lot about their own capabilities and they can also discover new vocabulary! Keep a dictionary near!

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