Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican flag

La bandera de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rican flag)


Scroll down to find South America and look for ‘Puerto Rico.’  The page menu is in the upper left corner.  Click around!  The readings are short and sweet.  Read “Day in the Life”!


Use the Search bar and type in “Puerto Rico.” A page with fast facts offers quick overview, but from this information, you might find your child has other interests and from there you can conduct further searches on the internet.


Nice site. Easy to read, not overwhelming.  Menu runs along top and different menu along left hand side.  Check it out!


Topics organized by main Puerto Rican themes.  There are some crafts here for younger children.  If you have a multi-aged language learning group, some of the young kids could do some of these crafts.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pictures from Pixabay.com