Food & Recipes

Food & Recipes

Another country cuisine  you are interested in? Try a simple Google search and see what you can find.  Search on Pinterest. Or, make an assignment for your child to search and find an easy recipe from another Central or Latin American country for him/her to cook one night.

Chocolate Mixture

Hmmm. Chocolate!

  Some traditional Bolivian recipes.

Some simple authentic Mexican meals.



Mentions 10 very well known foods/dishes from Mexico.  This page also has a link to many other recipes.

Short history of food in Spain with links to influences from around the world—Arabic, South American, etc.  Also includes links to specific dishes.  Lots to explore.

Market in Barcelona

Market in Barcelona

Just feel like experimenting in the kitchen?  Search recipes by country here.  Strawberry gazpacho? Ceviche? Check under South American recipes.  No-churn Mexican ice cream?  Look up Mexican recipes.  Have fun!

Kids site.  Lots of recipes here.

Sweets in window display

Window display of sweets.

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