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Map of the World

Mapa del mundo (Map of the world).

Test your knowledge of South and Central America Geography.  Try the country or capital learning games.  Then learn some facts about a Central or South American country.  For example, to the left of the page, click on Bolivia Information or another country in South America.  For the younger children, pick out a few interesting facts about this country’s history and tell them about it.  You can also download a free blank map if your child would like to test his/her knowledge of these countries.

 This is addicting! Test your knowledge of locations of South American Countries and Capitals in this fun map quiz.

Fun interactive map quiz.  Do you know your Central and South American countries on a map?

Learn about the world through various fun interactive games.

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Try your hand at these quizzes.  Click on “Geography” and then “The Americas.”


La tierra (Earth)