Mayan History & Culture

Mayan History and Culture

Chichen Itza Pyramid

Chichen Itza Pyramid, Mexico

Take some time to learn a few things about the Mayan culture at this website and come back to this site often as it is full of interesting material about the Mayan people, places and its culture. Chose one section at a time.  Take it slow.  It’s a site that could take two months to read with your child little by little if it is interesting to him/her.  There is no hurry to learning.  Can you name the countries that span now what was once the Mayan culture?

Ancient Maya Engineering

Wonderful go-to page. After a brief introduction, scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of useful and interesting resource sites for all ages.  Worth checking out!  See what wonderful things you can learn!

   Take a photographic tour of archeological ruins. Informative and extensive.

 Does your child like mathematics?  Try your hand at Mayan math!

In search bar, type in Mayan and see what comes up!

BBC documentary.  Mayan civilization.

 Aztec, Maya and Inca history. For kids!

Tulum ruins

Tulum ruins, Mexico