Puzzles, Word Games, Printables, Miscellaneous!

Puzzles, Word Games, Printables, Miscellaneous!

Test your knowledge of written Spanish with these puzzles and word games!


Try your hand at these challenge jigsaw puzzles! Click on the Latin America puzzle and the South America Puzzle.


This link will take you to a crossword puzzle that you can complete online.  You can alter how the clues are given from English sentence clues, to letter scramble, to even clues in Spanish.  They state that this is level one, but some of the answers might be a little into early intermediate.

This website also has a lot of other online games to explore.  If you wanted to use it for a couple weeks, they have pronunciation exercises, listening exercises, flash cards and many other options.


This site has short online lessons that might work well in conjunction with some Homeschool Spanish chapters.  They also have some interactive games like crossword puzzles and word match.  There are also listening games.  I noticed they also included a dictionary.  I typed in a verb and found out the english definition as well as useful expressions in Spanish using that verb.  From their website:

1) Listen to countless Spanish sound examples. 
2) Use our many different and interactive vocabulary trainers to improve your listening, spelling and memorizing skills. 
3) Fill out exercises and exams, submit them, and have them checked immediately by our website. 
4) Enjoy the beautiful design of our websites with lots of pictures and interactive features to make learning Spanish with us a fun experience. 


Matching, Crossword puzzles and word find.  Pictures appear to be geared to smaller children, although the vocabulary used in the exercises can be for older or younger learners.  The puzzles are grouped by themes (colors, kitchen, weather, etc.)


This site is chalk full of options.  Everything from classroom posters and lessons for teachers, to printables, “quizlets”, a blog that informs you when there are new items downloaded to the website, word games, interactive games, and even a you tube channel that focuses on specific lessons.  This is a UK site and the pronunciation used is that of Spain.

The link above will take you to a list of games.  There are a variety of types of games.  I noticed a scrabble game, a color sudoku, and the variety of regular types of word games on websites like crosswords and matching.


All kinds of games and printable exercises.  The website has a search bar that you can use so you can focus on specific vocabulary.  For example, want some games / exercises to work on colors?  Just type in colors in the search bar.


Check out this fantastic website from Enchanted Learning on World Geography. Many activities for different age groups. Pick something appropriate for the age of your child.


Need printables for supplemental Spanish work for your child?  This is an amazing site with an amazingly long page full of tons of activities related to Spanish language learning, organized by theme!!  Many activities could be used to complement the Units in the Homeschool Spanish program.