Songs and Videos

Songs and Videos


 For little kids.  Pocoyo.  Animated series.  It’s in Spanish with a Castilian accent.  Great challenge.  Depending on their level, they can catch some words.

 **Caillou also has videos in Spanish.  and there are many more that pop up on the right while viewing.

You can pull up most movies and change the language to Spanish!  You can also put “Spanish” in the search bar and see if any Spanish language shows or movies come up for kids. You could also search the internet for film awards around the world and see if Netflix carries the ones you may want to see.

Nice story about Rosa the elephant, in Spanish.  Boombox has stories in Spanish on youtube with the Spanish subtitles. These might be a challenge, but the stories are usually simple.


Listen to these historical ballads and learn about their history. You can read the history in English or Spanish.

Try this site to listen to some traditional and not so traditional songs from Central and South America.  Explore the countries’ songs to find easy ones for you to learn.  Some songs have links to the sheet music, others have links to the tune of the songs.  It would be a matter of learning the meaning of the words and fitting them to the tune.  This might not be for everyone, but the young children especially love learning through songs.  It’s a fun activity to participate in together.  Sometimes you can see versions of well known songs we sing in English.  For example, on the Argetnina page, there is a version of  “Are You Sleeping” that they call “Brother Frances”.

Nice synopsis of Latin and South American music.  It has links to Amazon to listen to the music if you would like.

 Listen to Latin and South American music via the internet.  choose the type of music you’d like to sample!

or how about some Flamenco from Spain!

She has a wonderful website full of so much great information.  This page is where she suggests songs to use for introducing certain grammar / phrases / culture to her classes.

Georgia Public Broadcast.  Learning Spanish videos for young children.

Children playing accordeon

Children playing accordion in Buenos Aires Picture from