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In early 2012, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine posted reviews by homeschoolers of R.E.A.L. Homeschool Spanish.  Read The Old Schoolhouse summary and scroll down to see a list of reviewers:

The complete list can be found here:


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From the blog “Milk and Mommy“:

“We are still enjoying R.E.A.L. Homeschool Spanish and I have finally found a foreign language program that is affordable and walks us through learning a new language at a pace that is manageable for the age range of my children (5 – 9) as well as for me. Even though I am the teacher, I get to share a learning experience with my children and we often find ourselves laughing a lot together when we are trying to pronounce some of the vocabulary words correctly – accent and all.

Thank goodness Dr. Williamson found the time to do all of the prep work. It made my preparation for each week a lot easier because of the Daily Curriculum Guide. I did not have to figure out what to cover and when to cover the material and was instead able to just get to work on the lessons. When teaching a new subject, sometimes it is difficult to determine at what pace to work through the material and that was an issue I did not have to worry about.

I found the Tips for the Home Educator section to be very helpful which kind of worked as a “tutor” or support area for the teacher offering suggestions on how to present the new material to the students.”

Comments from a Homeschool Dad:

“I am a homeschool father using the REAL Homeschool Spanish curriculum with my 10-year-old daughter. I am not our family’s primary educator (nor do I speak Spanish, yet!), but feel strongly enough about our daughter learning Spanish that I have taken on the teaching of this material. Lacking any real teaching experience, I don’t know that I could do this with a standard school-oriented curriculum or “teach-yourself” book; but this curriculum is geared specifically to families in just our situation, with lots of suggestions for preparing and presenting the material, as well as various strategies to keep using and reinforcing the newly learned material on an ongoing basis. Thanks!”  Erik

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